Friday, 14 June 2013

Mid-June Favourites.

I recently had a huge sort through my make up and beauty products. I changed up my storage and doing this was a great idea as I found a few products that hadn’t even been used! I am off to Optimus Alive festival in Portugal soon, so I am currently saving money which means no beauty products and no make up (massive lie, shh.) Here are my five current favourites. Enjoy!

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star™ Body Lotion 500ml

This stuff is heaven on earth. I hear birds singing and feel as if I am being showered with money when I use this. I don’t even think I am being OTT. I just love the scent - much more than any perfume! I feel like a lovely bundle of baked goodies when I walk around with it on. The product itself claims it has an ‘irresistible almond, oats and brown sugar scent’ which I would say is about right. It just smells biscuity in GOOD way. Not the horrid fake tan way (I don’t even think fake tan is biscuit like actually… What awful biscuits are you people eating????? Anyway, it makes me soft and smells perfect. Fabulous.

Estee Lauder Signature Lipstick - Portofino Coral

To start with… THE PACKAGING IS SO WONDERFUL, I WOULD BUY THE DAMN OVER PRICED THING FOR THE LOVELY GOLD TACK IT COMES IN. I have seen people moan about it (people with taste, let’s remember I haven’t got much of that) and I just want to throw it at them and lecture them on the wonders of tack. So. This lipstick. I really love it. At first I was like ‘hmm will I look even more mental with my pink hair, throwing this into the mix is a scary idea’ but actually, applied sparingly it is very subtle, forgiving and lasts for well over five hours - something most lipsticks never do. It also feels moisturising on the lips.
On to the sad news. It was discontinued. What was the point in that eh? Well let me tell you now, this lipstick will probably never go on my lips again as once something is discontinued, I don’t want to risk getting too serious with it. I hope it understands. I loved you until I wrote this bloody post and found out the truth.

The Fab Pore™ Hot Cloth Cleanser

When they tell you it melts away make up like all the companies tell us, THEY ARE NOT LYING! I almost cried with happiness when I first massaged this into my eyeliner stained face and found that the make up slid right off. I wanted to jump up and down and tell everyone how great this is. You just massage the product over your skin (I use eye make up remover first, then a baby wipe, then this) and leave it for sixty seconds. You press it off with a muslin cloth and you are done! I also haven’t felt well recently and the subtle lavender scent has been something I have come to enjoy. I wasn’t a fan of the smell at first but as I said, ill Stevie loves it.

L’oreal Infallible Foundation

I purchased this foundation in the week, as my mum had mentioned her friend always has wonderful skin and it turned out she wore this. I popped into Boots to grab one for her (as my mother never buys herself bits, she thinks about everyone else first!) and noticed that it was buy one get the second half price on all make up. I always enjoy trying new foundation as there is only one I have stuck by which is actually from the Barbara Daly range at Tesco - nothing beats it, I have sensitive skin and it has never given me breakouts or rashes. Amazing and miraculous! Anyway, back to this stuff! So far, so good. It feels lovely when you apply it. Kind of gel like. It doesn’t cake at all which I find rare with foundations that give a little more coverage, so well done to this product! I haven’t been using it long enough to go on about it but I am enjoying it for now and I hope the love continues.

Walter White Nail Transfers

I adore ebay for silly little bits and this.Breaking Bad babies have made my life. I LOVE Breaking Bad with all my heart and even though I hate Walt I think these are amazing. Who wants hearts and flowers when you can decorate your nails with a drug cooking maniac? If you are into nail art though ebay has a tonne of cool.transfers at great prices. You can’t beat it!

Have a good weekend! Stevie xo

Sunday, 9 June 2013

A Little Bit Of Lucille...

Hello everyone! Lucille and Buster here! Okay, I hope some of you got my Arrested Development reference there and if you didn't then run and watch every single series and then thank me for it for the rest of your life. Lucille Bluth is definitely a style icon and a very under rated one at that! Anyway, another outfit of the day post today! I previously enjoyed doing make up and beauty related posts but I just don’t buy products like I used to. At the time I was training to become a make up artist and that side of things was my main interest but in the long run I have always preferred fashion.
Since the course ended I have done make up work and enjoyed it to some extent but my love for the industry was very short lived. I would feel like I wanted to style the models and lusted over beautiful clothing, ignoring the products that once excited me!

My future plans involve many creative paths that I tend to stay quiet about as I am always fairly private about the things I want in life. I just find the idea of someone knowing what you want and wondering ‘why is she not there!?’ shameful and depressing! I will say though that my ambition is back and I feel I am on the right track. Anyway, now on to the topic that actually matters to you all here - my outfit! Most of my clothing is found in charity shops but I always try and throw in accessories that are from the high street. I do find it quite hard as i try and steer clear of high street brands as much as possible. I just always feel like it hurts me when I buy anything at a ‘normal’ price as I am used to spending a maximum of £5 on an item!

Here, I decided to throw on some pastel shades as the weather has been much nicer over the last few days. My blouse and trousers are both charity shop buys and the shoes were my mums in the 90’s (it seems I have finally find a 90’s item that doesn’t leave me rolling my eyes and sighing.) They are actually from River Island which makes it even more amusing as I avoid that shop like the plague. The local going out spot in my area is like a River Island badly styled catwalk (meowww!) My earrings are from ASOS, the one place that I really do rely! I absolutely adore ASOS. My clutch bag is from Accessorize and was a last minute purchase when I was desperate. I like it but it was over priced, as their items always are. The metal on it also smells scary and wrong..
P.S - I had to leave out photos that included my face really as my hair looks like it was based upon a lego character style and I really don't fancy looking back at that in a years time whilst my hair grows, so in the world of blogging I will pretend it never happened.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone! Lots of love from me and miserable Moz! xo