Sunday, 7 July 2013

OOTD, planned posts and sad hand luggage feelings.

Happy Sunday Andy Murray tennis happiness day of sunny loveliness everyone!
I really need to sort out a decent camera at some point as the bad photo quality images going on to this poor blog make me feel a little bit sick. Most of my pictures end up so grainy that uploading them seems absolutely insane. I just haven't had (been able to save) the money! I have lined up a few DIY projects to distract myself from buying anything new over the next few weeks so I will definitely be sharing those whether they go well or not. At least you can all point and laugh at me if I end up ruining something that could have been good! I really need to do some product reviews as well due to having a huge queue of them. I have a little drawer that is in need of some space. The poor products cannot breathe in there!!!! Please do not report me. 

Skirt - Asos Top - Charity shop Shoes - Topshop

Happy news, I am going on holiday on Thursday! Whilst I am away in Portugal I will do a daily write up on my time away and then share it all when I get home. We are going to a festival when we are there, so hopefully I can cram a few decent outfits into my hand luggage - I am scared! Other than the luggage issue, I am stupidly excited. I get to see Green Day which makes me really happy as I last saw them properly when I was 14 at a gig in Milton Keynes and hearing some of the songs will cause me to have a drunken, emotional breakdown!!!! What could be better than having an emotional, drunken breakdown all because of Green Day on holiday!?!?!?!?!?!?  Also I must return to a normal state and mention that I really wish I had been using this blog when I went away to LA and attended Coachella as it would have been nice to have it on here to look back on.

Josh made me use a prop and I didn't like it. My face shows that..
Another failed photo of 'let me look like I am doing something FUN'
(I really hope you guys can feel the sarcasm coming from me here.)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! :-)

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  1. Freaking loving the hair, Stevie. So glad to see you're back to blogging again, YAY!

    Blue looks fab on you!