Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Summer favourites. Morrissey included. Moaning included.

Clutch Bag ~ Dorothy Perkins Shoes ~ Zara Make Up Bag ~ Primark Perfume ~ Bronze Goddess Estee Lauder from The Perfume Shop
I only listed the items that you can buy at the moment in stores as the others are all easily attainable but they are either borrowed (the books) been owned for years (Morrissey has been in my life for a long time) or purchased in a small store that only exists in my joyless town! 

Hello everyone! I am back from my holiday. I have been for a while actually. I haven’t posted as much as I wanted to post on this blog and haven’t done the posts I originally planned out for many reasons.  I won’t go into detail as I am a big hater of internet over sharing but these last few months have been a real struggle. Throwing myself into other things was certainly a distraction for a little bit of time but eventually facing the real problems had to happen. I will keep this blog going though as I feel it is something I must stick by. Above, I just thrown a few ‘essential summer’ type items that have been used for reading/wearing/listening/writing. Endless possibilities in my life over here! 

I included two books by John Green and a large part of me absolutely despises Looking for Alaska (messed up teenage girl painted as a goddess when in real life she would get on everyone’s nerves. Maybe John Green was trying to distract us with her large breasts that are dragged up at every possible moment) and the other being The Fault In Our Stars which was heartbreaking and all but it just seems another desperate attempt at making fourteen year olds weep. It was certainly better than Looking for Alaska though. I will stick to Bukowski. My little depressing soundtrack for my summer reading has got to be Morrissey. My favourite famous person of all time. He is a genius in a way I can’t get my head around. I think everyone should listen to his words as he is someone that I owe a lot too. I am sure I became a much more caring person and someone that wanted more knowledge and was not ashamed of it due to this moping man and for that, I thank him. God bless any human that stopped me from becoming one of those girls that straightens their hair in Science!!!!!!

On to the fashion items. A pink, glittery clutch bag which is basically everything an item needs to be to catch my attention and make me fall in love. The shoes were picked up in Portugal in one of the many Zara stores located there. I have dreamt up these shoes many times and it was nice actually finding them. The last one is the little make up bag from Primark. Can I marry it? Would that be weird? We are in love. I stare at the adorable face of it every day. Make up bag, I think you are THE ONE. I guess the perfume would be in anothere item category, beauty type products. Problem. I only have a bloody perfume! One that every single blogger mentions five times a day. Let’s stick it in the section with the accessories. We won’t talk about the perfume anymore. Let us talk about the fans as I got them so they would match my pastel infused wardrobe. Now let’s stop as I don’t have anything else to say other than it is a fan. You wave it about to cool you down. 

Now I shall mention my that I  also threw in my Nintendo DS as I wanted to start using it again. Can anyone recommend me any fabulous games? I like to leave questions for the end as if you took the time to read it then you are more likely to take some time and answer my very boring question. Please though, answer my question as I haven’t used the DS for years! 

Happy Wednesday! xo

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