Monday, 1 July 2013

Summer Sequins, Sparkles & Sunglasses.

I thought I would get a post done this morning (almost 3am, what a lovely hour) as I don't want to be slacking on this blog. It is something I really enjoy, once I get going, so it would be a shame to leave it to go to waste again. My very kind boyfriend also sorted out a laptop that works for me to use but the keys are such a pain! I feel like I have to punch them to type. I honestly feel like it is giving my arms a major work out.. Anyway, back to the point of the post, I don't have much to put up as I haven't got round to taking any outfit of the day photos! I decided to show you all a few little obvious DIY ideas that I have been enjoying recently. It is such a fun and cheap way of owning items that you won't see everywhere else or creating something you dreamed up and won't be able to pick up in every day shops. 
Some of my lovely materials I used for this items in this post. I clearly have the mind of an eight year old.
. So, my first item. I purchased these cat eye sunglasses in Camden some time earlier this year and after some haggling with the poor stall owner I finally walked away with a lovely but plain pair of sunglasses. Embellishment is everywhere these days. All the time. I could not be happier about this. I am the queen of tack. I just love it. I blame my mother She always had ornaments every where when I was a child and I used to think there is no way I will be like that but I was totally, totally wrong. I just can't do the classic, simple look and every thing to the way I style my clothing to my bedroom decor is OTT. Back to the glasses, these took about five minutes to do and I just used some gem tack glue to stick on these flat back pearl hearts. They have been lugged around in a suitcase to LA, in my bag for Coachella and then thrown around a bit and the gems are still all there. I do recommend always keeping a supply of back up gems just in case though!

Another little bit of DIY I have been going a little crazy with at the moment, is ring making! You can get some really nice charms if you hunt around and a pack of 100 ring bases can be found for as little as 99p on ebay so it is a great thing to make your own. Think of all the money you can save!!! Below I included a picture of one of my favourite - a french bulldog ring! I also spent an hour sticking gems on the pocket of this lilac shirt which lasted through my mothers washing skills but straight as I washed it, the gems were ALL OVER THE FLOOR. The pain I felt! I don't even want to go there...

I hope the post wasn't too much of a bore! I wasn't as organised with it as I have managed to be with my others. I should have a little haul type post coming up soon as over the last week I picked up a few bits which is a total miracle on my current budget. 

Have a lovely week!
Stevie xo

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